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Clean Energy Engineering
Clean Energy Engineering
Clean Energy Engineering
Clean Energy Engineering
Clean Energy Engineering
Clean Energy Engineering

Clean Energy Engineering

Through integration of diversified business including materials, components and engineering equipment, we provide clients with environment-friendly and professional EPC engineering solutions and project operation services based on our own technical qualifications, rich system engineering experience and professional management team, to achieve supply of hydrogen energy key materials, key equipments, complete set of hydrogen station design and construction, and soil remediation through organic solid waste continuous carbonization treatment and coal clean resource reuse and sulfur recovery.


Features are as below:

•  Cleaning and Comprehensive Utilization of Coal;

•  Coal-liquefied residue extraction and recycling:

 ⋅  Production process with no chemical reaction, low risk, simple production operation.

 ⋅  Solvent recovered by atmospheric/decompression flash distillation, with high solvent recovery rate and relatively low energy consumption.                                                                                                                                            

 ⋅  The asphalt produced has excellent performance and is the raw material for the production of good downstream asphalt products such as needle coke and carbon microspheres.                             

 ⋅  Modular design, all levels of asphalt products can be put into application step by step.                                                                                             

 ⋅  Optimize the heat transfer of the whole equipment and improve the heat utilization rate.

•   Continuous carbonization equipment for solid organic wastes: Solid wastes with high organic matter content, such as industrial waste oil sludge (like steel rolling oil sludge in cold rolling mills, surfactants for daily chemical industry), municipal sludge, domestic waste, livestock manure, straws, etc, which was processed by high-temperature carbonization to convert to regenerated carbon.

•  H2 Refueling station EPC: We provide a complete set of solutions of reliable and efficient hydrogen generation, hydrogen refueling and technical consulting service for H2 Energy Ecosystem building.

Typical Applications

Typical applications are as below:

•  General contracting of Shenhua Ordos pilot project for industrial extraction of liquefied coal oil residue of 350000 t /year

•  HBIS GROUP Hydrogen station EPC engineering construction    

Technical Specifications

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