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Mo-Cu Alloys
Mo-Cu Alloys
Mo-Cu Alloys
Mo-Cu Alloys
Mo-Cu Alloys
Mo-Cu Alloys

Mo-Cu Alloys

ATTL is the domestic invention unit of molybdenum-copper material and the drafting unit of tungsten-copper industry standard. Our company has been developing and producing molybdenum-copper since the 1960s, and has developed several supporting materials of molybdenum-copper material system. We have rich experience in R&D and production, and our product quality and technology keep leading level. ATTL has passed ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification, can provide you with qualified products.


As a pseudo-alloy, Mo-Cu alloy is composed of molybdenum and copper that not melt in solid solution, and integrated each others. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity, low and adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion, non-magnetic, low gas content, good vacuum performance, good machining ability and outstanding properties in high temperature. It is widely used in machinery, electric power, electronics, electric vehicle,metallurgy and other industries

Typical Applications

Typical applications are as below:

•  Power amplifier heat spreader material.

•  Radio base station in telecommunications

•  Heat spreader on electronic devices

•  Electrode used in electric resistance welding electrodes

•  Electrode used in electric resistance welding electrodes

•  Electronic packaging materials and heat sink materials

•  IGBT modules for electric vehicle motors (EV/HEV)

•  Lead frame with high performance

•  Thermal control plates and heat spreader

Technical Specifications

Materials  wt% Density CTE Thermal Conductivity
  Cu Mo g/cm3 10-6/K W/M·K
Mo90Cu10 10±1 Balance 10 5.6 150-160
Mo85Cu15 15±1 Balance 9.93 6.8 160-180
Mo80Cu20 20±1 Balance 9.9 7.7 170-190
Mo70Cu30 30±1 Balance 9.8 8.1 180-200
Mo60Cu40 40±1 Balance 9.66 10.3 210-250
Mo50Cu50 50±1 Balance 9.54 11.5 230-270
Mo40Cu60 40 ±0.2 Balance 9.42 11.8 280 – 290


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