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Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip
Special Alloy Strip

Special Alloy Strip

The special alloy strips include corrosion-resistant alloys, clad-welding alloys, wrought superalloys, titanium alloys etc.. The fields of application comprise engines and hot-end components of IGT, energy and chemical, rail transit, etc. Typical products include
Inconel 600, Inconel 605, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Hastelloy C-276; EQ309L, EQ347L; TA1, TA4, TC4, etc.
The minimum thickness of strip is 0.03mm, the maximum width is 450mm, and tolerance can reach ±1.5μm. Various sizes can be customized according to application needs.


Features are as below:

•  Equipped with typical processes of “melting-forging-rolling”, high precision machine represented by Sendzimir 20-high rolling mill in strip process can sufficiently meet customers’ requirements.

•  Products with homogeneous micro-structure and excellent mechanical properties, high thickness accuracy and surface quality, which benefits from long-term R&D, on-site monitoring and AGC control system.

•  The weight of strip can reach up to 2800kg.

Typical Applications

Typical applications are as below:

•  Wrought superalloys can be used to make energy power equipment, such as valves, evaporators, pipelines and components in the reactor, parts for ICE brake disc and sealing parts in energy.

•  Corrosion-resistant alloys can be used to make antioxidant medium heat exchanger, steam generator, condenser, heat treatment device, chemical device. Also, it can be applied as substrates in Superconducting industrial and SMT frame in Chip manufacturing.

•  Clad-welding-strips, apply as layer on the inner wall of hydrogenation reactor in petroleum and petrochemical equipment.

•  Titanium alloys, apply as key material used in various fields such as acoustic vibration diaphragm, metal bipolar plate of power battery, condenser and exchanger metal in marine engineering.

Technical Specifications

Special Alloy Strip Typical Products

Alloy Type Brand  Identical Brand  Main Application 
Corrosion-resistant alloys NS 312 Incoloy 600 strips for heat treatment and chemical processing  device in high temperature oxidation atmosphere.
NS334 Hastelloy C-276 wet chlorine, hydrochloric acid, chloride devices
Welding alloys  EQ309L welding-layer on wall of reactor in petro-chemical equipment.
EQ347L strips for welding reactor wall in chemical industry.
Titanium alloys TA1 Gr1 acoustic vibration diaphragm, metal bipolar plate of power battery.
TC4 Gr5 material in condenser and exchanger in marine engineering.
Wrought superalloys GH4169  Inconel 718 parts of automobile gasket, spring in energy field
GH601 Inconel 601 components for industrial Muff tube.
GH3625 Inconel 625 materils for high-temperature and corrosion-resistant in marine engineering
GH5605 Hayness 25 components of  corrosion-resistant in chemical industry etc.


Special Alloy Strip Specification

Type Thickness/mm Width/mm Length/mm Remark
Cold-rolled Strip  0.1-2.0 200-450  


Cold-rolled Thin Strip  0.03-0.1 200-400   Coil

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