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Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components
Nanocrystalline Components

Nanocrystalline Components

Dedicated to developing ultra-thin ribbons with various magnetic properties, AT&M promotes the development of electronic equipment towards the direction of high frequency and miniaturization.
Antainano® common mode chokes (CMC)based on ultra-thin ribbon offer high impedance in compact designs for a wide range of EMI requirements.
Antainano® high frequency power transformer (HFPT) use Antainano® ONL series core which has high saturation flux density, low core loss and near-zero magnetostriction. Those products allow reduction in size and weight, and low energy loss for your applications.
Antainano® EMI filter can provide one-stop EMC services in terms of EMC test, design, on-site improvement and system solutions, etc.


Compared with traditional ferrite, nanocrystalline component is characterized with the following benefits when applied in high frequency power supply (below 100 kHz). It has the benefits of small volume, low temperature rise, efficient high temperature conversion, good anti-unbalanced current characteristics and small fluctuation of high temperature input impedance, etc. Moreover, it possesses obvious advantage in solving the EMC problem of the circuit.

Typical Applications

Typical applications are as below:

•  Common Mode Chokes (CMCs) are widely used in variable frequency air conditioner, radiant cooker, solar energy, wind power, EV/PHEV, inverter welding machine and other fields.

•  High frequency power transformers (HFPTs) are widely used in switching power supply in various fields, such as railway transportation, electric vehicles, tram chargers, switching power supply on ships, communication power supply, welding and electroplating power supply, radio and TV transmitter power supply, wind power supply, NMR chromatography X ray camera, particle accelerator lightweight, etc.

Technical Specifications

Transformer Cores for Inverter Welder
Specifications of Inverter Core Current Applicable for Inverter Welding Transformer
ONL-80*50*25 120A,160A
ONL-100*60*20 160A,200A
ONL-120*60*30 315A
ONL-120*70*25 200A,250A
ONL-120*70*30 315A,400A
ONL-130*80*40 400A,500A
ONL-130*80*50 500A,630A
ONL-130*80*90 630A


Transformers list
Sealing Method Part Number Spec. Primary Inductance
Withstand Voltage Weight
07.04-0123 QONL-130*80*50 ≥28(18kHz,1v) 2.5kV/10mA-60S ≥3.92
07.04-0001 QONL-120*60*30 ≥65(20kHz,1V) 5kV/10mA-5S ≥2.45
07.04-0004 QONL-120*70*30 ≥80(20kHz,1V) 5kV/10mA-5S ≥2.16
07.04-0008 QONL-120*60*30 ≥25(20kHz,1V) 5kV/10mA-5S ≥2.60
07.04-0034 QONL-120*60*30 ≥65(20kHz,1V) 5kV/10mA-5S ≥2.00
07.04-0048 QONL-80*50*25 ≥21(20kHz,1V) 5kV/10mA-5S ≥0.83
07.04-0062 QONL-120*70*30 ≥20(1kHz,1V) 4kV/5mA-60S ≥2.25
07.04-0068 QONL-105*60*30 / 4kV/5mA-60S ≥1.61
07.04-0221 QONL-105*60*30 ≥20(1kHz,0.3V) 4kV/5mA-60S ≥1.66
07.04-0292 QONL-105*60*30 ≥35(1kHz,0.3V) 4kV/5mA-60S ≥1.78
07.04-0298 QONL-100*60*20 ≥68(1kHz,1V) 4kV/5mA-60S ≥1.26
07.04-0402 QONL-120*60*30 ≥28(20kHz,1V) 4kV/5mA-3S ≥2.52
07.04-0483 QONL-80*50*25 ≥10(1kHz,1V) 4kV/5mA-60S ≥0.92
14.DT.0800101-01 QONL-30*20*10 ≥1.2(100kHz 0.5V) 20kV/5mA-60S ≥0.31

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