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High Precision 20 Cold Rolling Mill – the “Hand Tearable Steel” Creator


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AT&M has many high-end equipment, they provide all-round protection for R&D and production of the company. Today, let’s introduce the hand tearable steel creator – high precision 20 cold rolling mill for you.

What is 20 cold rolling mill?

Main body of the 20 cold rolling mill is composed of inner and outer framework, roller system, various rolling mill systems and piping, in which roller system is a very important part. In order to rolling thinner strip, diameter of the working roller should be reduced as much as possible. Meanwhile, working roller in smaller diameter will reduce rigidity of the rolling mill. In order to solve this contradiction, it is necessary to use other rollers to support the working roller, roller system of the 20 rolling mill was created because of this.

What is the characteristics of AT&M 20 cold rolling mill?

The 20 cold rolling mill of AT&M was a Sendzimir’s high precision 20 cold rolling mill imported from Canada. The essential difference between the rolling mill and other types of rolling mill is rolling force transferred in different direction, rolling force of the mill is transferred from the working roller to the supporting roller device through intermediate roller, and finally to the solid rolling mill framework, this design ensures support of the working roller in the whole length direction. In this way, the roller system has small deformation and high accuracy thickness deviation can be obtained in the whole length direction during rolling. In 2013, the precision strip production line which represented by “20 cold rolling mill” was officially completed and put into operation.

The 20 cold rolling mill of AT&M is equipped with high precision Automatic Gauge Control(AGC) system and convenient rolling procedure management system, with characteristics of high rolling speed, accurate thickness, excellent shape, stable control etc. During rolling process, control accuracy of strip thickness could achieve within 2% of the steel strip thickness. Thickness of steel strip below 0.1mm is ≤ ±1μm and thickness of steel strip above 0.1mm is ≤±3μm.

The precision steel strip manufacturing technology represents the top technology in the industry. AT&M has precision steel strip line with Sendzimir’s high precision 20 reversible cold rolling mill as the core , it’s a strong advantage in precision strip production, especially in thickness and surface quality control, as well as mechanical properties.