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Nd-Fe-B Magnet, the Strongest Permanent Magnet Material in the World


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Today, the materials class of AT&M brings you an introduction to the most powerful permanent magnetic material NdFeB magnet. Materials class will continue to popularize practical industry knowledge for you in a more simple and understandable way, so from multiple perspectives, that you can easily understand products and our enterprise philosophy.

Rare earth is known as the vitamin of modern industry and is an indispensable core element in the information industry. As the basic material of information technology and intelligent manufacturing, rare earth permanent magnet is one of the key applications of rare earth resources. Among the proven reserves, China’s 52million tons of industrial reserves account for about half of the world’s total reserves, ranking the first in the world. The NdFeB permanent magnets of Antai technology can be divided into sintered NdFeB permanent magnets, bonded NdFeB permanent magnets and hot pressed permanent magnets according to different production technology.

Sintered NdFeB magnets, known as “king of magnets”, is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets. It is the rare earth permanent magnet material with the best performance, the highest output and the most widely used at present. With its high magnetic energy, high coercivity, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, it can realize the miniaturization and ultra-thin of electronic products. It is widely used in many fields such as new energy vehicles, 5G communications, high-end consumer electronics, intelligent robots and wind power generation. The demand for industrial motors, automobile motors and 3C products is the greatest. According to statistics, averagely, there are more than 20 permanent magnet motors working in each household automobile, such as the driving motor, wiper motor, heat pump motor, compressor motor, etc.

For sintered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet, it can be regarded as an energy storage device with high energy density. It can efficiently realize the mutual conversion of energy and information without energy being consumed. The emergence of sintered NdFeB permanent magnetic materials and the rapid expansion of their application fields have effectively promoted the development of high-tech industries, promoted the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries, and promoted the comprehensive development and utilization of rare earth resources and the rapid economic development, with great development potential.