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A New Product-Laser Welded Road Blade


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 Author:Beijing Gang Yan Diamond Products Co.,Ltd. (Gang Yan)

Aiming at different cement’s grades and aggregates of domestic old concrete, new concrete and asphalt, Gang Yan has produced general and professional laser-welded road blade, which combined our company’s 30 years of global marketing experience and technical team’s optimal formula system to ensure the excellent product performance. We have the most advanced laser welding technology to ensure our product won’t lose teeth. It is safe and reliable. Our self-made helical tooth technique will protect the steel core to aviod undercutting. The normal tooth and corrugated tooth alternate chip removal made cutting sharper.

At present, the domestic laser road blades has formed a series of products, which can be  used to cut old concrete, new concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, and cobblestone roads efficiently.