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AT&M Achieved the Grand-Prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology


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On August 19th, 2021, the review results of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award in 2021 were published by China Iron and Steel Association and the Chinese Society for Metals. The project “Development and Application of Engineering Technology of wide and ultra-thin Fe-based Nanocrystalline Ribbons” led by Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.(AT&M) was accomplished and won the grand-prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology. 

This project took the lead in proposing continuous manufacturing process of nanocrystalline ribbons with high performance, ultra-wide and ultra-thin in China, invented new type nanocrystalline alloy component system with independent intellectual property rights, built nanocrystalline ribbons’ continuous production line with high quality, ultra-wide(≥120mm)and ultra-thin (≤18μm), overcame the difficulty that the width of nanocrystalline ribbons was limited, increased the output of single casting to 5 tons. The thickness consistency is ±1μm, and the ribbon width is above 120mm. The products have been widely used in power electronics, renewable energy vehicles, smart grid, information and communications and other fields, and strongly support the development of strategic emerging industries such as renewable energy vehicles, 5 G communications, and wireless charging.