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Dedication, Let the Digital Marketing Build the Contact Bridge ——Congratulations to AT&M’s Emarketing for the First Anniversary Day


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Chairman of the Board: Li Junfeng

September 1, 2021 is the first anniversary of product promotion website “”,which is the first launch of AT&M. Congratulations and happy birthday to “” on its anniversary day!

Customer-centric is the core business philosophy of AT&M, and creating value with customers is the mission of AT&M. With the promotion of digitalization, AT&M was able to connect the windows and lights of the global village; the users from all corners of the world can interact with AT&M. Emarketing enables AT&M’s technology to contribute value and serve the society better.

Over the past year, the attention of product promotion websites has continued to break through. Thousands of customers from more than 20 countries and regions have successively communicated with us, and a number of leading forces in the application fields of 5G, AI, new energy, nuclear power, railway, medical technology, etc., put forward the need for in-depth cooperation with AT&M in various aspects such as new product cooperation, new project research and development, new application expansion, etc.

Looking back on the year when the product promotion website was launched, every click, every message, every call, every order and cooperation project of our respected customers has strengthened our confidence in cultivating online; The meticulous care of every colleague who participated in it makes our website more perfect and better demonstrates the value of the company. Everyone’s concern, trust and support are the biggest driving force for AT&M’s continuous improvement! We must continue to explore better ways to connect with our customers, continue to improve the level of products and services to meet the needs of customers, and practice our customer-centric concept.

The first anniversary is just the beginning of a faltering start for Emarketing. AT&M will unswervingly integrate into the digital trend, promote its own comprehensive digital transformation, and better use digital as a bridge to develop and prosper with the vast number of users!

Everyone Achieves AT&M!

Chairman of the Board: Li Junfeng

September 1, 2021