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Magnetic Industrial Clusters of AT&M


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With the rapid development of applications such as wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, automobile, 5G , Internet of Things, and intelligent manufacturing, magnetic material is playing an important role day by day. AT&M has been committed to the research and production of metal magnetic materials, and it has become an important supplier in China in the fields of rare earth permanent magnets, amorphous alloys/nanocrystalline materials, atomized alloy powders, precision alloys and so on. With the industrial cluster of 10000-ton sintered NdFeB magnets production line, atomized alloy powder production line, amorphous/ nanocrystalline strip production line, 1000-ton bonded magnets production line, precision alloy strip production line and special magnetic product and device production line, AT&M is providing solutions for advanced magnetic materials, products and devices to global customers systematically.

On May 26, leaders of AT&M magnetic marketing units collected to the cloud meeting to discuss collaborative marketing work, and communicated in many aspects such as organizational structure, operation mechanism, product focus direction, and market resources coordination. Everyone believed that the industrial clusters of AT&M has great significance and power to the AT&M’s magnetic industrial development. AT&M will make further precise efforts in Emarketing websites, offline exhibitions, multi-level customer communications, collaborative marketing channels, etc.. Combining with industrial clusters, application tracks and market teams, magnetic marketing team will create a new situation of collaborative marketing, with consistency and common work, supporting the high-quality development of the AT&M.